10+ Grandmas Who Are More Badass Than You

Remember the stereotype that all grandmas are tiny and sweet, spending days baking cakes, playing Bingo and knitting? Well we’re here to prove that stereotype wrong.

Bored Panda collected some of the best images proving that grandmas are strong, witty and just plain badass! And it’s not only grandma’s like the fashion icon Baddie Winkle or the world’s fittest grandma Ernestine Shepherd who should be considered badass. The list proves that badass grandma’s are simply everywhere!

Surely, your grandma is a badass too! If you have proof, don’t hesitate to add your photo to the list and be sure to vote and comment as well.

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#1 Bought My Grandma An Ipad. She’s 84 And Never Had A Tablet, And Wanted It For “Art” I Bought Artrage For Her And Left Her Alone With Her New Toy For 30 Minutes. This Is What I Came Back To


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#2 This Badass Knitting Fan Grandma


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#3 Grandma Don’t Give A F*ck


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#4 Well That’s An Awesome Grandma


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#5 Grandma’s Revenge


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#6 My Husband’s Grandma. The Resemblance Is Uncanny


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#7 My 96-Year-Old Grandma Playing VR For The First Time. What A Time To Be Alive!


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#8 Just My 70 Year Old Grandma Sliding Down The Stair Railing Holding A Banana


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#9 My Dad’s Client At The Gym Turned 99 Today. She Is A Badass


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#10 Old Lady In A Subway


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